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Monday, October 29, 2012

Episode 17 - Here Comes Honey Boob Boob

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The Feed:
- NBC has decided to pre-cancel a “comedy” series by stand-up “comedian”, Dane Cook.
- Adam always says, “Don’t give money to the mentally ill”. Well, according to a recent study, that saying may have more to it that one might think.
- Austrian skydiver/daredevil/base-jumper, Felix Baumgartner, has broken the record for the highest free-fall jump in history.
- On Tuesday, the first of the Alternative Presidential Debates, hosted by Free and Equal and moderated by Larry King, took place.

On The Plate:
- In another parenting discussion, Adam and Mike discuss the pros and cons of telling other people the gender of a gestating baby and when is the appropriate time to bring it up.

Sound Off:
Mike: In a story that combines two of Mike’s favorite things, it was announced this week that late-night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, will be voicing a character in the upcoming animated adaptation, The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2, as Dave Endochrine, a late-night talk show host.

Adam: Adam reviews the new albums released by the Killers and In Fear and Faith

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