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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Skinny's Listeners' End of the Year Lists of 2017

Hello, everyone! Mike here. As you may have heard, we originally recorded an episode in which we went over and discussed all of the end-of-the-year lists that you - our listeners - had sent us over the last several weeks. Regrettably, the audio from that recording was un-usable and we were not able to put out that episode which originally was more than two hours long. Because of our busy schedules and limited recording time, we won't be able to re-record that session. 

One thing that we will be doing in the near future is invite back the special guest co-host, Dave, who joined us for that episode. He's a long-time listener of The Skinny and the co-host of another music podcast that Adam and I really enjoy listening to called Ian Hates Music. Please go check out that show if you enjoy what we do but would like a broader reach and a wider range of new music recommendations. We will definitely get Dave back on our show sometime soon, probably for a full album review, sometime soon.

So because of that, and because I don't want to leave those lists just sitting there in our inboxes, I wanted to share those lists along with links to some of the music so that everyone reading this will get to listen to some of these great and interesting album recommendations. 

The main thing that I took away from reading these lists was how divided certain albums were. Albums from artists like PVRIS and Being As An Ocean were ALL over the place in terms of rankings - with some people placing them in their Worst Albums list and others putting them firmly in their Best Albums of the Year. Not only that, but I love how passionate and eloquently our listeners were in explaining their thoughts and their opinions. I think it's great how we are able to clearly state our personal opinions and even how our listeners are able to disagree with us and some of our placements of some of the albums they felt were great, such as Sleeping With Sirens, PVRIS (again), Sufferer, etc.

Without further adieu, please check out what some of our listeners believe are some of the Best and Worst albums of 2017!