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Monday, November 5, 2012

Episode 18 - Good Boob Hunting

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The Feed:
- The band, Green Day, has cancelled their remaining 2012 tour dates and postponed their shows in January and February. To make up for it, the release of ¡TrĂ©! Has been moved up to December 11th.
- More pre-canceling news from NBC. The network has decided not to move forward with The Office spinoff show, The Farm.
- 20 year old Brazilian woman by the name of Catarina Migliorini has sold her virginity online on the website,, for $780,000
- Edward Furlong has been arrested this past Tuesday at Los Angeles International Airport on suspicion of domestic violence.
- Disney has purchased the distribution rights to Lucas Film and announced the release of Star Wars: Episode 7.
- "Octomom" Nadya Suleman has checked herself into a rehabilitation center, citing anxiety, exhaustion and stress.

On The Plate:
- With Halloween since passed, Mike and Adam discuss the strange practices that sometimes goes on in professional work environments. And also a discussion of the weirdness of Halloween in general.

Sound Off:
- Mike: G4 has decided to cancel both X-Play and Attack of the Show in order to begin reconstruction of the network to be more of a GQ Magazine for television.

Adam: Adam continues his string of album reviews by giving us a run-down of 'Babel' by Mumford & Sons and 'Day and Age' by the Killers.

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