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Monday, February 25, 2013

Episode 33 - Can I Touch Your Face?

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The Feed:
- Something that I’m sure most people are guilty of is coming up with some excuse to miss work. released some of 2012’s strangest tardy excuses.
- After releasing a consistent flow of downloadable songs and albums for more than five years, Harmonix, the creators of the Rock Band games, have announced that they will be ceasing their weekly releases.
- The future of the video games industry began this past week as Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4.

On The Plate:
- The 85th Annual Academy Awards were this past weekend, so Adam and Mike go over the major nominees and categories.

Sound Off:
- Mike: The end of a major comic book arc ended a couple weeks ago and it begs the question that many Batman fans have asked themselves at some point, “Should Batman kill the Joker?”

Adam: Album reviews for "Thrill Seeker" by August Burns Red and "The Tide" by Oceana.

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