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Monday, February 11, 2013

Episode 31 - Listening to Metal and Driving and Cool Car

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The Feed:
- Kristin Wiig has been added to the cast of Anchorman 2.
- Lamb of God vocalist, Randy Blythe’s, manslaughter trial is set to begin.
- As if Sonny Moore didn’t have enough money, the DJ is in talks to team up with Cirque du Soleil to start up a dance club in Las Vegas. The working title is ‘LIGHT’.
- Russian President, Vladimir Putin, hires Boyz II Men to boost to stage a concert in hopes to boost the Russian birth rate.

On The Plate:
- The 2013 Grammys were this weekend so Mike and Adam go over the major nominees and the show.

Sound Off:
- Mike: Just like most great things, they aren’t without their criticisms. Check out the a list from about their Top 10 Overrated Video Game Franchises.

Adam: Album reviews for “Awakened” by As I Lay Dying and "North" by Matchbox Twenty.

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