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Monday, February 4, 2013

Episode 30 - Deer Antlers For Everyone


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The Feed:
- has released a list of the Best and Worst Run US Cities. Our State, California, shows up quite a bit on both extremes of the spectrum.
- A Swedish man is standing trial after his girlfriend died from playing a ’50 Shades of Grey’ sex game.
- It’s Super Bowl fever this week and you may have enjoyed all of the new and expensive commercials that aired. One commercial for a popular online service did not make the cut, unfortunately.
- A man by the name of Josh Moore has petitioned the US Government to officially make Super Bowl Monday a Federal Holiday.

On The Plate:
- One of the athletes who played for the 49ers during the Super Bowl, Chris Culliver, made some pretty offensive comments over the past week. While the guys chat about this, the conversation takes a turn to get to the bottom of why Mike is not a fan of professional sports in general.

Sound Off:
- Mike: Warner Bros. has indicated that the fate of the planned Justice League film all rests on the super-shoulders of how this year’s ‘Man of Steel’ will do financially.

Adam: Adam reviews “The Powerless Rise” by As I Lay Dying and “Identity on Fire” by A Skylit Drive.

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