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Monday, March 7, 2016

Episode 179 - I Like It When You Sleep... by The 1975 Album Review

The Skinny with Mike and Adam - I Like It When You Sleep... by The 1975 Album Review 
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The Feed:
- LIGHTS will be releasing a new acoustic album titled ‘Midnight Machines’ on April 8th.

- The release date for ‘Friendville’ by Sunrise Skater Kids will be April 1st.

- Dance Gavin Dance will release a live album titled ‘Tree City Sessions’ on May 13th.

- The new album title and release date for the new Architects album has been leaked.

- The Foo Fighters have released a video addressing all of the recent breakup rumors.

- Multiple members of A Lot Like Birds have elaborated on the recent departure of Kurt Travis.

- The new movie starring the guys from The Lonely Island has been unveiled.

- The entire Warped Tour lineup will be released via a webcast on March 22nd.

- Pornhub released the site’s top search terms by state this past week.

On The Plate:
- Adam and Mike review “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” by The 1975 (Review begins at 36:21)

Sound Off:
- Mike:  Mike got a weird phone call from the cemetery groundskeeper from the Escondido Baptist Church. What does it mean?!

Adam:   Adam reviews "While Broken Hearts Prevail EP" by Emery and "Rooms of the House" by La Dispute.

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