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Monday, October 20, 2014

Episode 114 - Captain Muumuu

The Skinny with Mike and Adam - Captain Muumuu 
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The Feed:
- Scene superstars, Bring Me The Horizon, has announced the release date of their next single. No word yet when their next full length album might be coming out.

- Circa Survive announced the release date for their fifth album, ‘Descensus’.

- In a recent video in which the members of U2 answer fan submitted questions, Bono has formally apologized for the idea of putting ‘Songs of Innocence’ in everyone’s iCloud library.

- TMZ is reporting that Ke$ha is suing her longtime music producer for physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse.

On The Plate:
- Adam and Mike track down a sexist internet blogger who goes by the handle “xxxBonerChode666xxx” after he and Mike got into a heated online debate about why there shouldn’t be ANY female led superhero movies. It may not be legal, but Mike managed to trace his IP address to xxxBonerChode666xxx’s house and The Skinny decided to confront him there.

Sound Off:
- Mike: Warner Bros has announced via a share-holder’s meeting their plans for all of the DC Cinematic Universe movies up until the year 2020. How much time do we have?!

Adam: Adam reviews ‘Little Machines’ by LIGHTS, ‘The Ghosts Among Us’ by Our Last Night and “Lost Forever // Lost Together” by Architects.

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