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Monday, March 25, 2013

Episode 37 - They're Bad Boys with Heart

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The Feed:
- Hawthorne Heights have revealed the title of their next album
- If you’re an up and coming band looking to break out into the mainstream, you might consider getting booked on a certain late night talk show.
- Following up from episode 35, Jimmy Fallon and NBC have indeed confirmed that he will be taking over the Tonight Show in 2014, but this time, the show will be hosted in a different city.
- One of our favorite bands, My Chemical Romance, have announced on their official website that they are breaking up. Mike shares with conspiracy theories regarding this story.

On The Plate:
- A woman from New Haven, Conn. Recently went on Good Morning America to talk about her struggle with post-partum depression and how “Xanax makes me a better mother”. With babies and mental health on one podcaster’s mind, we go over this topic.

Sound Off:
- Mike: The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray soon.

Adam: Adam reviews “Count Your Blessings” by Bring Me The Horizon and
“Even If It Kills Me” by Motion City Soundtrack

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