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Monday, March 18, 2013

Episode 36 - Adam Richman: Professional Fat-Man

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The Feed:
- Here at the Skinny, we’re dedicated to keeping you fit and healthy. So here’s a list from on the Top 5 Best-selling Domestic Beers That Are Making You Fat
- Chicago’s Rise Against are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album, Revolutions per Minute, with a reissue out May 28th.
- This past week, NBC green-lit a new culinary gameshow titled Food Fighters. It will feature a top-notch home cook facing off against one of six professional chefs and hosted by Travel Channel’s Adam Richman.

On The Plate:
- On this very special day in Adam’s personal life, he goes over his Top 9 Parenting Questions Pt. II.

Sound Off:
- Adam: Adam reviews “Leveler” by August Burns Red and “Commit This To Memory” by Motion City Soundtrack.
Mike: Death is a frustrating thing…especially in real life. But in fiction, can the death of a popular character really be as impactful as it can be, especially considering that it’s possible for them to come back to life at some time? Check out this blog that Mike wrote.

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