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Monday, May 2, 2016

Episode 185 - Always Watching Through Your Third Eye

The Skinny with Mike and Adam - Always Watching Through Your Third Eye

Catching up on all of the recent news and album announcements for the past couple of weeks, Adam and Mike discuss the new albums coming out in the next few weeks and into the Summer for bands like Emarosa, Blink 182, Bayside, Northern Lights, Lindsey Sterling, Moose Blood, and many more. Sounding Off, Adam reviews albums from New Found Glory and Every Time I Die.


  1. Both of your opinions were very similar to my own, Thank you for checking it out! Long time fan so it's cool to hear your opinion!

    1. No problem, Brian. Thanks again for the suggestion. Happy to hear that you've been a fan for a while. If you have any other albums that you'd like us to check out, feel free to let us know. :)
      - Mike