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Monday, November 16, 2015

Episode 167 - Fingerless Studded Gloves

The Skinny with Mike and Adam - Fingerless Studded Gloves 
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The Feed:
- Spotify has reuploaded all of the music from Victory Records onto their streaming services.

- Randy Blythe, lead singer of Lamb Of God, was jumped this past week while in Dublin.

- Reports are stating that Guns N’ Roses will be reuniting for a worldwide tour.

- The Amity Affliction released a new song this past week titled “Shine On”.

On The Plate:
- Adam and Mike catch up and talk about their first pop-punk concert with The Wonder Years, Motion City Soundtrack, State Champs, and You Blew It! They also ponder whether or not they are too old to attend pop-punk concerts.

Sound Off:
- Mike:  Jessica Jones comes out on Netflix this Friday! Mike explains why you should be excited for it!

Adam:   Adam reviews the podcast "Hawthorne Heights Explains It All", "Blurryface" by twenty one pilots, "EP 1" by Polyenso, "Young Souls" by Myka, Relcate, and "Pioneers of Nothing EP" by You Blew It!

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