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Monday, August 25, 2014

Episode 106 - He Drives In Braille

The Skinny with Mike and Adam - He Drives In Braille 
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The Feed:
- According to a tweet, Chris Carrabba (Twin Forks, Further Seems Forever, Dashboard Confessional) revealed that new material from Dashboard Confessional is slowly coming our way.

- Breaking Benjamin has released a teaser video on their Facebook page announcing that the band is back up and running and will presumably be releasing new music soon.

- According a report from the Wall Street Journal, the NFL is looking to have their next Super Bowl Halftime Show performer ‘pay to play’, so to speak.

- In a bizarre story, TMZ reported on Thursday that Scott Weiland (formerlly of Stone Temple Pilots) was arrested due to possession of meth and burglary. However, shortly after, Scott Weiland posted a video on his Facebook page stating that he was never arrested. What's going on here?

On The Plate:
- It’s been a couple of months since the on-air suicide of mcKILLough and we’ve since discovered that he left behind a wife and fathered several children. We’ve managed to get into contact with her and see how she’s been holding up since her late husband’s tragic death on our 100th episode.

Sound Off:
- Mike: According to some insider information posted on the blog MiceChat, Disneyland in Anaheim California is looking to remodel and build attractions based on some of their Marvel and Star Wars properties.

Adam: Adam reviews ‘No Place’ by A Lot Like Birds, ‘Pardon My French’ by Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, and 'Feeding Fiction' by Heartist.

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