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Monday, July 21, 2014

Episode 101 - We've Entered Binary

The Skinny with Mike and Adam - We've Entered Binary 

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The Feed:
- To celebrate the release of ‘Mandatory Fun’, Weird Al has been releasing music videos each day starting last Monday.

- According to an interview with Kerrang Magazine, Gerard Way, formerly of My Chemical Romance, mentioned that they band was supposed to break up after The Black Parade tour.

- Update from Episode 77: The blogger who accused Conor Oberst of rape has officially retracted her statement.

Sound Off:
- Mike: A lead cast member from True Blood has been cast in the lead female role in the upcoming Netflix series, Daredevil.

Adam: Adam reviews “Shudder” by Bayside, “Happiness” by Dance Gavin Dance, and “Music for the Recently Deceased” by I Killed the Prom Queen

Featured Song: 'Rock Solid' by Dance Gavin Dance

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