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Monday, April 28, 2014


The Skinny with Mike and Adam - GIMME MY MONEY, GIMME MY MONEY 
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The Feed:
- Wovenwar have officially released their new song titled, “All Rise”.

- This past week was Record Store Day and Jack White took the opportunity to break the world record for the fastest studio-to-store album.

- After 40 years with the band AC/DC, founding member, Malcolm Young, is “taking a break” from the band due to poor health.

- A former police officer has pleaded guilty to fraud after it was discovered that he was fronting a metal band called ‘Cousin Sleaze’.

- Saosin is now playing three more shows in the Southern California area after their previously announced reunion show at the Skate and Surf festival in NJ.

On The Plate:
- The music industry has blessed us with the new single from Avril Lavigne titled “Hello Kitty”. Mike and Adam (and his dick) watch the music video together and try to make sense of the atrocity. Also, we get an intimate look into the complicated relationship that Adam has with Avril and her husband's band, Nickelback. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Sound Off:
- Mike: Showtime is selling off real props from their hit show, Dexter. Debra Morgan’s prostitute panties?! Yes, please!

Adam: Adam reviews “Know Hope” by The Color Morale, “Monsters in the Closet” by Mayday Parade, XTRMST's debut EP, and "Rise of the Lion" by Miss May I.

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