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Monday, February 3, 2014

Episode 80 - I Almost Like Birds

The Skinny with Mike and Adam - I Almost Like Birds 
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The Feed:
- Up-and-coming band, Heartist, has finished recording their first full-length album

- Chiodos has announced the release date of their next album, Devil. The band has also released a new song, ‘Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now’.

- Motley Crue has announced that they are legally breaking up after one final world tour.

- Kanye West has settled out of court with the young man that he assaulted a couple of weeks ago.

- A Swiss man died after suffering from an epileptic seizure after stage-diving at a Suicidal Tendencies show.

- Another batch of bands have been announced for this year’s Warped Tour.

On The Plate:
- Of Mice & Men’s new album “Restoring Force” is reviewed.

Sound Off:
- Mike: After a very unsuccessful fiscal year, Nintedo’s President has decided to cut his own salary.

Adam: Adam reviews “Outlawed” by Attila and “The Blackest Beautiful” by letlive.

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