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Monday, November 25, 2013

Episode 70 - ¿Por Qué No Las Dos?

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The Feed:
- Matt Good has revealed the From First To Last news that he’s been teasing.

- Four people are dead in a murder/suicide incident in East Williamsburg involving the Iranian band, The Yellow Dogs.

- Hope you’ve been watching @midnight with Chris Hardwick. The show has been picked up for another 40 week run.

- Natalie Tolokonnikova has been relocated to a hospital in relation to her hunger strike.

 - One of the top executives in charge of the online music streaming website, GrooveShark, was killed by his friend over an unknown argument.

- Russia is at it again. This time, they’re suing Lady Gaga for promoting homosexuality and alcohol use.

- According to an interview with Billboard, Story of the Year say they are ‘thinking about their next record’.

- If you happen to have $2.3 million dollars lying around, feel free to purchase Patrick Stump’s (Fall Out Boy) home.

- Dumb and Dumber To finally has a release date.

- Alternative Press has announced their Artist of the Year. Tell ‘em, Mattie.

Sound Off:
- Mike: After a two year run on Broadway, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is set to end its run in January.

Adam: Adam reviews "Teacher, Mother, Destroyer" by The Hidden Hand, "Shangri La Dee Da" by Stone Temple Pilots, and "Young Legs" by Anthony Green.

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