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Monday, October 14, 2013

Episode 64 - A Midget Playing Acoustic Guitar

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The Feed:
- After a genuine attempt to reach out to Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Connor is now threatening to sue her over some public mocking on Twitter.

- California punk band, Get Shot!, recently released a brief porn film on their self-promoted porn-site of their bass player performing solo on the lawn of the Westboro Baptist Church.

- According to a tweet by musician/producer, John Feldmann, the Used have started recording their sixth album.

- Check out Chris Hardwick’s new late night talk show on Comedy Central called @midnight.

On The Plate:
- Adam and Mike review “High Rise”, the new EP by Stone Temple Pilots (featuring Chester Bennington).

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Sound Off:
- Mike: The first Marvel themed roller coaster is coming to a Disney park in 2016.

Adam: Adam reviews "World of Violence" by Finch and “The Black Swan” by Story of the Year.

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