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Monday, May 13, 2013

Episode 43 - Shark Head Tattoo

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The Feed:
- The new album from August Burns Red – a band that Adam finished reviewing their entire discography not too long ago – has been announced for June 25th, 2013

- The Lonely Island has announced the release date of their new album, “The Wack Album”. The band also announced that each Wednesday before the album drops, they will release one song/video off of the record.

- Jeff Hanneman’s official cause of death has been made public.

- Speaking of deaths in metal: The lead singer of As I Lay Dying, Tim Lambesis, has been arrested for allegedly hiring an undercover detective to murder his estranged wife.

On The Plate:
- This week, Adam and Mike attempt to dissect the new song, “Alone”, from the upcoming album, ‘Fashionably Late’, by the infamous band, ‘Falling In Reverse’. Grab your ear medication.

Sound Off:
- Mike: Alternative Press has a reoccurring article in which they sit down with musicians and song-writers and interpret the meanings behind some of their most popular songs. This past Monday, they sat down with Geoff Rickly, from my all-time favorite band, Thursday, and discussed the band’s breakthrough hit song, “Understanding In A Car Crash”. It’s a very moving and personal article and I highly recommend both music and poetry fans to give it a read. The song itself is also embedded in the link provided.

Adam: Adam reviews “We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes” by Death Cab For Cutie, “Riot!” by Paramore, and “Discovering the Waterfront” by Silverstein.

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