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Monday, April 22, 2013

Episode 40 - Cool, Hip, and Young

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The Feed:
- Justin Beiber recently visiting the Anne Frank museum and somehow made himself look like an even bigger douche.
- Kid Rock is planning on making some financial changes to his upcoming concert tour in order for the fans to have a better, more frugal time.
- Rock band, A Fire Inside (better known as AFI), has released a short, cryptic video on their website that seems to suggest a release window for their upcoming album.
- After four seasons, Seth MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show, has been cancelled.

On The Plate:
- With the success of the HBO series, Girls, the exploration of the ‘Millennial Generation’ is become a bit easier to define. According to this article from, we go over the Top 9 Ways To Describe The Millennial Generation.

Sound Off:
- Mike: The release date for the next DC Animated Film, “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox”, has been announced.

Adam: Adam reviews "Avalon" by Anthony Green and "Halestorm" by Halestorm.

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