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Monday, January 14, 2013

Episode 27 - Still Banned In Germany

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The Feed:
- Arena Football player, Chandler Williams, 27, - formally of the Dolphins, Falcons, and Chiefs - died while playing a game of flag football in South Florida. The cause of death appears to be a form of heart failure.
- Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa have all been denied getting inducted into the Hall of Fame for 2012.
- Sony has filed a patent for technology that could negatively affect the video games industry and potentially all other forms of physical media.
- California’s budget for 2013 spending is reporting a $851 million surplus. Taking bets now as for how long this will last.

On The Plate:
- Inspired by an article posted on the and an episode of The Nerdist Podcast with (King) Chris Hardwick (featuring Anthony Jeselnik), Adam and Mike discuss the topic of comedic censorship and just how soon is “too soon” when poking fun at tragic current events – or is even that concept an irrational one?

Sound Off:
- Adam: Reviews for "Frail Words Collapse" by As I Lay Dying and "She Watched The Sky" by A Skylit Drive
Mike: Big things are happening in the world of Spider-Man. WTF exactly? Our resident comic book nerd expert explains the huge changes to the status quo.

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