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Monday, September 10, 2012

Episode 11 - Breast Almighty

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The Feed:
- Academy Award winning actor, Michael Clark Duncan, lost his life this past week due to complications arising from a heart attack back in July. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.,0,7426494.story
- If you are living in the Hollywood, CA area, and youâre in the mood for âraw country and spoken word poetryâ, you might be able to pick up a vinyl album recorded by none other than mass murderer, Charles Manson.
- The doctor who treated the late Slipknot bassist, Paul Gray, has been charged with eight counts of involuntary manslaughter for allegedly prescribing Gray, a known drug addict, narcotics.
- The uneventful Democratic National Convention was this week, so Mike and Adam give their thoughts.

On The Plate:
- Inspired by the new film by stand up comedian, Mike Birbiglia, titled, 'Sleepwalk with Me', Mike and Adam share their thoughts and experiences with difficult breakups and the concept of marriage.

Sound Off:
- Mike: Director, Christopher Nolan, has done it yet again. The film phenomenon known as The Dark Knight Rises has reached over $1 Billion over last weekend.

Adam: Adam talks about the play, 'The Book of Mormon', which he had the pleasure of seeing this past week.

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